Many in our community may have questions and concerns about the COVID-19 virus. 自2019冠状病毒病开始以来, SampsonRMC has closely monitored risks with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & (CDC), 北卡罗来纳州公共卫生司(NCDPH), 还有我们当地的卫生部门. 当我们应对社区疫情时, we are taking every action to keep our patients and 卫生保健工作者 safe.


有效的周一, 2月20日, 2023, SampsonRMC访客指南已更新如下:

    • 探视时间是早上8点.m. – 8:00 p.m.
    • 游客必须年满18岁.
    • 在走廊和公共区域,访客必须戴口罩.
    • 出现感冒症状的游客, 比如发烧, 流鼻涕, 咳嗽, 或者呼吸短促, 应该在症状消失前至少24小时内不要就诊吗.
    • 感染新冠病毒的游客, 即使没有症状, are not permitted to visit until 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms or a positive test result.
    • 游客 who have been in close contact with someone who is COVID-positive are not permitted to visit until 10 days have passed since the initial exposure. 

劳动 & 交付

病人 may have two support persons for the duration of their stay, 从分娩时开始, 通过产后护理和出院. Post-partum patients may have up to two (2) visitors at any time during routine visiting hours and one (1) support person may stay overnight. Overnight visitors will not have entrance (or re-entrance) after 8:00 pm. Post-partum visitors are permitted to exchange in and out during routine visiting hours.


病人 may have two visitors for the duration of the patient's Emergency Room stay. 可能没有互访.  If the patient is transferred to the OR, visitors will follow guidelines for 外科服务.  If the patient is admitted, visitors will follow Medical/Surgical and ICU guidelines.


两名辅助人员可陪同患者进行手术. This visitor should remain in the 外科服务 waiting area until the patient is discharged. 可能没有互访. If the patient is admitted after procedure, visitors will follow Medical/Surgical and ICU guidelines.


在探视时间,病人最多可以有两名探视者. 访客可根据需要在探访时间轮流进出. 患者可能会有一(1)名访客过夜. Overnight visitors may not exchange and will not enter or gain re-entrance after 8:00 pm.


OB组- One (1) care partner may accompany the mother for the duration of labor and delivery and then for one (1) hour post-partum directly following delivery. 护理伙伴必须充分接种疫苗, 签署弃权书, 穿医院发的长袍, 手套, 在访问期间戴口罩.

临终关怀—— Immediate family members may each visit once for the duration of 15 minutes. 访客必须完全接种疫苗, 签署弃权书, 穿医院发的长袍, 参观时戴上手套和口罩.



This is a rapidly evolving situation, and new information becomes available almost daily. 随时了解最新的信息, 我们建议遵循疾病控制中心的建议 & 获取有关COVID-19的详细信息, 它是如何传播的, 它的症状, 预防, 治疗, 和测试. 您可能还会发现遵循 北卡卫生部 & 人力资源服务页面 for more detailed information about North Carolina's preparedness. 

Physicians have specific criteria they must follow before ordering a test. Please understand that tests cannot be performed simply upon request without first meeting these criteria. Testing is ordered when a healthcare provider determines it is appropriate. 

SampsonRMC无法在其实验室检测COVID-19. 基于筛查标准和症状, 我们将通过国家实验室协调测试, or a commercial laboratory approved by the FDA for COVID-19 testing. 


  • 保持良好的手部卫生. Wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
  • Cover your 咳嗽 or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash 
  • 避免与病人密切接触
  • 生病时呆在家里
  • 避免触摸你的嘴、眼睛和鼻子
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe

If your symptoms are mild, contact your primary care provider or the health department for guidance. 如果你有发烧和呼吸道疾病的症状, 比如咳嗽或呼吸困难, 通知您的提供者. 也, let them know if you have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19 or if you have recently traveled to an area with an ongoing spread. 

如果您怀疑自己感染了COVID-19,请遵循以下步骤 疾控中心的这些步骤. 在走进诊所或医生办公室之前先打电话. This will help your healthcare provider take the right steps to keep other people from being exposed. 

如果你在 痛苦 with symptoms of fever, 咳嗽, and shortness of breath, or believe you are having a 医疗紧急情况,拨打911或向最近的急诊室报告. 如果不会耽误你的照顾, consider calling on the way so that the staff can prepare for your arrival.

接受检测的患者人数没有向公众公布. This information is made available to hospital administrators who are responsible for managing hospital operations and to public health agencies who are responsible for monitoring public health and disease outbreaks. Not all tests for COVID-19 in our community are performed at the hospital. Tests may also be performed by the health department and other healthcare organizations unaffiliated with SampsonRMC.

The release of this information is coordinated through North Carolina's Emergency Management Center or, 在适当的时候, 由我们的新闻主任向媒体公布. 并非所有COVID-19检测都在SampsonRMC进行. 

Sampson County Emergency Management releases information about confirmed cases in Sampson County, 包括医院确认的. 如果是正的情况, 我们的目标是尽早做到诚实和透明, 但要明白我们的承诺首先是对我们的病人, 卫生保健工作者, 以及负责公共卫生的机构. 

You are welcome to follow us on social media to receive updates when they are available to the community.  我们在Facebook、Twitter和Instagram上的账号是@SampsonRMC.

有关最新统计数据,请访问 ncdhhs.政府 / covid-19-case-count-nc

COVID-19测试 & 计费

我们很高兴在物资允许的情况下提供COVID-19检测. Testing can be done at the main hospital for inpatients and emergency department patients and on an outpatient basis at our drive-through site located at Sampson Medical Group of Clinton. Outpatient testing requires a provider order with approval from the hospital's Chief Medical Officer.

SampsonRMC将处理该服务的测试和账单.  Most insurance companies are paying for the testing without any out-of-pocket responsibility of the insured patient. Because plans vary, we do not offer a guarantee that your insurance will pay. Consult your insurance carrier for updated plan coverage during COVID-19. 

For self-pay patients (those without insurance), the charge for the test is $102.  SampsonRMC提供25%的折扣,价格为76美元.自费患者50美元.


如果您有其他问题或疑虑, the North Carolina Division of Public Health is your best resource. 你可以打到他们的电话 1-866-462-3821.


找到疫苗很容易. 通过访问找到离你最近的疫苗 疫苗.政府.